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Super Heroes Show

2014 Description

Let the kids show you how to have fun for the whole family! The “Super Heroes Show” features super Branson entertainers using an exciting mix of music and fun, led by Branson’s own Wonder Woman, Dalena Ditto. Music is a great communicator and educator, and the “Super Heroes Show” uses a wide variety of songs, ensuring everybody will hear something they love; rock, calypso, hip hop, rockabilly, and old-school rhythm and blues are all showcased. The kids will be singin’, dancin’, hoppin’, and stompin’ their feet while showing their parents and grandparents the best way to have a good time! This dynamic show, a super heroes version of Imagination Movers, only appears during the summer season, so make sure you plan at least one summer-time trip to Branson this year!


Super Heroes Show

2014 Schedule

The 2014 season has ended.