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Frequently Asked Questions

How will we receive our tickets and information?

Two weeks prior to your group arriving you will receive a packet through the mail. Upon arrival every attempt will be made to greet your tour where you are staying or your first activity. When your Branson Tourism Center Representative meets you they will explain anything necessary and present you with vouchers for all shows and activities.

What happens when we arrive at the theatres or attractions?

The tour escort or group leader should check in the group upon arrival at the groups window. A greeter from the Theatre or Attraction will meet the bus and welcome your group and proceed from there. After the show many theatres will have an entertainer from the show board your coach. You may want to check upon arrival with each theatre regarding this practice.

Where will our group be seated at the theatres?

It is impossible to guarantee a seat assignment for your groups. Theatres assign seats according to the date the group reservation request is received. Groups are adjusted as final counts and cancellations occur. The earlier you make your reservations the better seats we are able to reserve.

What if someone in my group requires special accommodations?

Special requests should be brought to the attention of your Branson Tourism Center Representative as early as possible to ensure that accommodations can be made. We cannot guarantee all special requests, however, every effort will be made to accommodate your members.

Can we bring cameras or video equipment to the shows?

Most theatres allow flash photography, but NO video recording. There are a few exceptions to this and every theatre has announcements prior to the start of the show to further explain their policy.

What is the cancellation policy?

Depending on the type, size and date that your have booked your group, our cancellation policy varies. Your Branson Tourism Center Representative will be able to provide you with this information and answer any questions.

When will my payments need to be paid?

Group deposits are normally due 60 days prior to your groups' arrival. The final payments must be made 30 days prior. These are general rules and apply to most groups. We do have different policies for reunion groups and your Branson Tourism Center Representative will be able to further explain these.

How do I know that my lodging will be clean and acceptable?

Our groups department does site inspections on all lodging facilities that we use. Your representative can recommend a facility based on your needs and preferences.

What if I need assistance or changes while we are in Branson?

Branson Tourism Center will provide you with a local phone number and an after-hours number for use while you are in Branson should you need to contact us.