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IMAX Adventure Films


“IMAX Adventure Films” lets you feel the power of being right in the middle of the action! No other movie going experience can match the exhilaration of coming face to face with the fascinating and terrifying Great White Shark, or taking a steam train journey through the Canadian Rockies on the Rocky Mountain Express...without even being there! With a tremendous screen that’s six stories tall and 83 feet wide, a heart-pounding 22,000 watts of digital surround sound, and a special filming process and unique projection technology, “IMAX Adventure Films” will let you travel around the world without leaving the comfort of your theater seat! The captivating sights and astounding sounds of this bigger-than-life entertainment experience will totally envelop your’ll jump, laugh, squirm, ooh, and aah more than you’ve ever done before! Live through the historic drama of a tough Ozarks family and their struggle to thrive in Ozarks Legacy & Legend; the beauty, history, culture, archaeological importance, and spiritual essence of the holiest of all lands in Jerusalem; and the incredible adventures of strange and adorable endangered creatures in Island of Lemurs: Madagascar, narrated by Academy Award winner Morgan Freeman. Find it hard to pick a favorite? Come back to see them all, because your family hasn’t truly lived a movie until they’ve seen one of the “IMAX Adventure Films” in Branson, Missouri!

2014 Daily Film Schedule. All films are rated Family.

Ozarks Legacy & Legend - Rated G

Available August 8-21 - Showtime is 9:00 am

In the 1820s, two young brothers arrive as orphans in America, searching for a home. Against the backdrop of spectacular beauty and featuring a blend of gospel, country, and bluegrass music, THE FIDDLE is their story of young love, marriage and childbirth -- of Ozark families torn apart by the drama of the Civil War, the lawlessness of vigilantes and the skirmishes of the Prohibition era. (50 minutes)

Under The Sea - Rated FAM

Available August 8-21 - Showtimes are 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm.

Cinematographer and director Howard Hall ('Into the Deep,' 'Deep Sea') takes viewers through one such journey in 'Under the Sea,' a short documentary originally filmed for IMAX theaters. Exploring the coastal areas surrounding Southern Australia, New Guinea, and the Indo-Pacific, much of what we see on screen is only a small fraction of the life which resides in the ocean depths. Many of the creatures shown in the film may look familiar to fans of nature programs, but Hall and his production team have done an excellent job of making it all seem new and exciting. At once educational, with Jim Carrey's voice explaining the mating habits of cuttlefish, the documentary is equally entertaining, with amazing displays of the daily rituals of other fish occupying the barrier reefs.

Whales - Rated FAM

Available August 8-21 - Showtimes are 10:00 am, 2:00 pm.

After years of careful development, research, and bringing together one of the finest production teams anywhere, National Wildlife Federation, Destination Cinema and Zephyr Productions have completed production of a ground breaking IMAX? film on whales. Whales brings to the giant screen the drama, joy and poetry of the underwater domain of some of the largest creatures to ever live on earth! The film shows the habitats and lives of the Humpback, Right, Blue and Orca whales, as well as countless other wondrous creatures which share their undersea environs or patrol the shores nearby.

Great White Shark

Available August 8-21 - Showtimes are 11:00 am, 3:00pm or 6:00pm.

Great White Shark 3D will explore the Great White?s place in our imaginations, in our fears, and in the reality of its role at the top of the oceanic food chain. Shot on location in South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and California, the film looks to find the truth behind the mythic creature forever stigmatized by its portrayal in the world?s first blockbuster movie, Jaws. Great Whites pre-date the dinosaurs in evolutionary history, and have evolved to be both warm-blooded and give birth to live pups, much like mammals, yet we fail to look on them with the warmth we might afford land based carnivores such as lions, tigers and bears.

Island of Sharks

Available August 8-21 - Showtimes are 1:00 pm, 5:00pm.

Welcome to a tropical Pacific paradise where beauty and danger co-exist beneath the waves! Otherwise known as Cocos Island, this underwater mountain--an Island of the Sharks--is a migratory gathering place for a dazzling array of sea creatures including sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and dolphins. Boasting the world's highest concentration of large marine predators, its waters teem with white-tip, hammerhead, black-tip, and silky sharks. A thrilling underwater adventure originally filmed and screened in the large-format IMAX process, this amazing visual and audio experience has been produced to the highest industry standard for the finest quality. A destination not to be missed!

IMAX films for the rest of 2014 will be updated as information becomes available.



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9:00 am to 7:00 pm Variety of Films Each Day - See Description Section
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Show Times
9:00 am to 7:00 pm Variety of Films Each Day - See Description Section